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Bands that Use the Bagpipes in Their Music
Bagpipes are used across the musical genres and by many mainstream musicians. Some songs and artists are recognizable; others are just waiting to be discovered.

Bagpipes aren’t just for funerals, mass bands, and pub crawls. They can be a powerful compliment to a rock band and a surprising addition to a pop artist.. Bagpipes make a band and its’ sound unique and more fun to listen to.
Rock and Roll Bagpipes
There are many different options for rock and roll music and bagpipes. A good song to start with is the classic AC/DC’s It’s a Long Way to the Top (If you Wanna Rock ‘n Roll). Here are some other bands that more regularly incorporate the bagpipes into their songs:
• Black 47-This Irish rock band was formed in New York in 1989. They use the Uilleann Bagpipes which are Irish small bagpipes. They Uilleann Bagpipes have a different tone than the Great Highland Bagpipes, but are equally enjoyable to listen too.
• Dropkick Murphys-This American Celtic punk band was formed in 1996. They’ve put out 6 albums since than. Their truly unique rendition of Amazing Grace is definitely worth a listen.
• Red Hot Chilli Pipers-This Scottish band formed in 2004 and is made up of world class bagpipe musicians. Their cover of We Will Rock You sets the standard for full incorporation of the Great Highland Bagpipes into mainstream music. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Frightening off rats?, Join the Bagpipes

Tour bosses have come up with a way of frightening off rats on their trips round the historic drains of the Austrian capital Vienna – bagpipes.
The Third Man tours – which walk the sewers made famous in Orson Welles’ cult film – were closed down after health and safety chiefs said the risk of rat bites was too great.
Now they’re back on after organisers proved how the squeal of Scottish bagpipes from a kilted piper send the rats scurrying for cover.
Tour boss Peter Ryborz explained: “We get rid of the rats by taking a bagpipe player down with us, and they sound really great in the catacombs that tunnel all under the city.
“You can hear them coming out of drains as the tours walk around under the city.”