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How to Find a Great Highland Bagpipe Teacher
The BBC News reported on February 28, 2007 that the 40-member Wick Royal British Legion Scotland Pipe Band recorded a noise level exceeding the sound of a jet taking off. Regardless of the size of the band, the Great Highland Bagpipes are hard to miss. Listening to a massed band can be a captivating experience that motivates many to try to learn how to play the Great Highland bagpipes themselves.
Don’t Wait
If you decide that you want to be more than just a casual observer of the bagpipes — that is, you want to learn how to play them — don’t wait too long. Like any musical instrument, it takes considerable time, effort, and commitment to become proficient.
A Teacher is Important
Once you’ve decided that this is something you really want to pursue, you need to find a good teacher. Andrew Lenz goes into great detail on this on his website Bagpipe Journey. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Bagpipes, Practice at home!

I have been teaching music for many years and always thought that there must be a better way of reaching more people who have a desire to learn a musical instrument but who have no idea of how to go about it.
People who live in remote areas. People who do not know of anyone who teaches their desired instrument in their area. People who might think that they may be thought of as “odd” for wishing to learn a particular instrument.
I teach bagpipes and have been a professional piper for many years as a competitor and as entertainer. Of course, I am Scottish! In between piping commitments, I have always taught young and old folks with a desire to learn properly. But, people are only willing to travel so far, for their weekly lesson and so we, as teachers are limited to the area that we can cover. A few years ago, I put together a tuition programme for the complete beginner that took all the jargon out of learning and explained it all in simple language. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon 4 Steps to Play Bagpipes

So you want to learn how to play bagpipes? Before you make that decision, understand that the classic, beautiful, melodious instrument can also bring you a few snickers and smirks. Not to mention the comments. You know, “Hey, buddy, where did you get that skirt” or “I think you forgot to tune that thing”.
With that being said however, if you still are willing and able, here are my four steps in order that you must do to learn how to play bagpipes.
1. Get Yourself A Practice Chanter.
What is a practice chanter you ask?
Well it is a double reed woodwind instrument that resembles a recorder. It is used to learn the unique and difficult fingering technique that you will need when you pick up the actual bagpipes. Read the rest of this entry »